Saturday, April 15, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - My Year (or so) with the New York Yankees

From The Huffington Post:
After the last out was announced by Bob Sheppard and the parking lots were empty, the last millionaire left work for the day, and even the ghost of Babe Ruth had gone home, there were three people left, three people who walked wearily out of the stadium. The oldest shuffled slightly in baggy pants and looking a bit grim, the second a big-bellied red-faced cop in his late fifties who moved as if he were still walking the beat, and the third, a young woman with red hair, jeans and hand-painted sneakers who clutched a large pocketbook filled with a laptop, notebooks and pens. The trio crept up to a lone Ford with a few dents and a blurry windshield, riding across the 155th Street Bridge into Manhattan, the old man always remarked, “I used to go with a girl on Nagle Avenue.”
And the young woman asked each time, “Do you remember who that was?”
Click here to read more and to see more photographs:
New York Yankess Clubhouse Man Pete Sheehy

New York Yankees Oufielder Rickey Henderson

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