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The Perfect Coverup

The most important lesson I’ve ever learned is to never answer the question, “So what is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned?”
My life is made up of many important lessons, just as I’m sure yours is, and what was so terribly significant two years ago is now relegated to the back of my closet. And what I consider important may be fodder for someone else’s mental paper shredder. These lessons began in the third grade, thanks to my father who purchased a skeleton marionette at FAO Schwartz. By tilting the wooden handle, Harry’s ceramic bones separated onto the puppet strings, and he flew into pieces. My classmates loved it. You could have stuck an owl in their mouths as they watched this spectacle with awe. But this wasn’t enough for me. I designed a red wig out of wool and led Harry in dance to Hair at the school’s talent show. Some kid’s piano concerto won first place, with second place awarded to my best friend who belted out a song from South Pacific. The lesson learned here i…