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If it's not one thing, it's another: 25 Uses for Inwood's Potted Traffic Signs

Sing out, Roo! 
Roosevelt Credit
Bass/baritone and songwriter Roosevelt Credit rehearses on West 204th Street.

One Trombone on 204th Street 
(the other 75 are stuck in traffic on Dyckman Street)
with Monique Buzzarte
famed trombonist and composer

76 Trombones  - from The Music Man

Sign on Sign on Cumming Street

Music to our Ears

Katherine Hannauer and Blue on Dyckman Street

Yoga with Nancy Preston

Something's Cumming Up


Recycled: The Coffee Pot Project

A sampling of sculptures using recycled materials. Enjoy!

Olive: Ingredients: Two drip coffee makers, one spring, faucet, vintage key, camera lenses, and assorted odd objects.

Calamata the Cow: One coffee pot, drip oven pan, wheels, washers, soda can, vintage dish brush, strainer, closet light, and assorted stuff.

Olive: Vintage pencil sharpener, gear, spring, opera, glasses, lemon strainer, tea strainer, and two tomato scoopers.