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Teacher at P.S. 98 Uses Knitting to Sow Confident Thinkers

It's about time: Conversations with New Yorkers about time - Nazario Brea

In this latest installment of the video essay series, It's about time, Dominican-born television personality, producer, director, singer and songwriter Nazario Brea talks about music, how he has changed with time, and lessons time has taught him.

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It's about time: 
Seán Curran

Acclaimed choreographer 
Seán Curran of 
Seán Curran Company is featured in this latest installment of It's about time: Conversations with New Yorkers about time. You'll have an inside look at the inner workings of a modern dance company, how Curran works, and how he uses time. His latest project is choreographed to Scenes in America Deserta and deals with time and space during the course of a day.


Seán Curran Company
Special thanks to G. Schirmer, Inc. and Signum Records
 for permission to use Scenes in America Deserta

, from the album, Landscape and Time
Performed by
 The King's Singers
John McCabe, Reyner Banham, composers

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Remembering Hector Camacho

While he may be remembered for his flamboyance in the ring and his freewheeling life outside of it, Hector "Macho" Camacho was a brilliant fighter who fought tough, fast, and focused. He brought  more than a splash of flamboyance and entertainment to the sport, often wearing outrageous ring outfits and basking in the glory of the applause, winning world junior lightweight, lightweight, and junior welterweight titles in the 1980s.

"It's Macho time," Camacho and his team would call out as he dramatically entered the ring. He was at his best there; troubles with drugs and alcohol and other issues followed him outside of it. Camacho was shot and mortally wounded while sitting in a car in San Juan, Puerto Rico; investigators reported that they found 10 small bags of cocaine in the car. Sadly, time ran out for him.

(The first photograph appeared in my book, The Prizefighters: An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders.)

If it's not one thing, it's another: A Tale of Two Lunches

It's about time: Sebastian Laws, a man who fixes time

Watch the video AND read the story on
Sixth in a series, It's about time: Conversations with New Yorkers about time, looks at a man who fixes time. Sebastian Laws, the proprietor of Sutton Clocks on Manhattan's Upper East Side, fixes clocks, talks about time, and his "customers". Soon, Sutton Clocks at its present location will be a thing of the past: with its lease up at the end of 2012, Laws, a second generation horologist, is looking for new space.

Mayor Bloomberg, please. May I have another piece of cake? It’s my birthday!

If it's not one thing, it's another: The Subject is Papasito