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The Prizefighter at Gleason's Gym

The Prizefighter, one of my photographs from the book, The Prizefighters: An Intimate Look at Champions and Contenders, was part of an art exhibit focusing on boxing at Gleason's Gym this past weekend. The exhibit, featuring paintings, sculpture, photographs, posters, and jewelry, drew hundreds of people who turned out for the DUMBO (Down Under the Brooklyn Bridge) Arts Festival.

So, bringing a bit of the boxing world to you.

The NYPD: Examine Thy Own

The predator who entered my neighborhood in upper Manhattan several weeks and allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint turned out to be a New York City police officer. This latest police misbehavior occurred not long after two police officers escorted a drunken fashion designer to her apartment; one lay down next to her and crooned Bon Jovi songs while his partner napped on the couch. So who is protecting us?
Men and women of the Police Department are as physically, psychologically, and culturally diverse as the rest of us. From sensitive and committed to angry and abusive, bullies and bigots, obsessively organized or sloppy, heavy drinkers and non-drinkers, some are street smart, confident and emotionally intelligent while others are fearful, threatened, and insecure. One may have witnessed horrible acts of violence out in the street while another handles bloodless paperwork; some may have been bullies as children while others still are; some despise women or men, others love them; one shu…