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If You Love Me, Then You'll Clean Up After Me.

My streets, and others, look like Poop City. A reminder to the two legged creatures to keep the city clean.
(Available as a PDF for printing and laminating. Please send me an email if you'd like one.)

Kindly Pick Up After Yourself. We Don't Have Maid Service.

Neighborhood cleanliness signs launching! If you'd like one of your own to print and laminate, please send me an email (also great for offices and for that untidy housemate).

Stories from Underground - Pamela Lloyd

The transformation of Pamela Lloyd begins at the A train station on Dyckman Street in this first installment of Stories from Underground. We watch Pamela carefully apply mascara, lipstick, powder, and other beauty items on a train filled with fellow commuters as she explains the culture behind women who put on makeup on the subway.