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A Tribute to Bill Gallo

(Note: due to technical issues with, this item has been reposted) As a kid, the New York Daily News was always on our kitchen table even when my mother served the same frozen dinner night after night, at a time when people discussed the latest headlines and when subway trains were littered with discarded newspapers. I read the paper back to front; the sports pages were a telescope into our society with the drama of a novel and the plot devices of a film noir picture. Bill Gallo’s cartoons were clipped and taped to my bedroom wall when I was a teenager. There was Basement Bertha and Yuchi and George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin and Muhammad Ali above my dresser. His cartoons were commentary stripped down to the basics of fine lines and wry and often moving editorializing. These were left behind when I moved out of my parent’s home when I was 19.  But I still carry them with me. A year later when I was 20 and on my own and still unformed and uninformed, curiosity pushed me to t…