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It's about time - Yokarina Duarte

Let's face it. We're all pressed for time these days. Putting on makeup in the privacy of one's home used to be a thing of the past. Now you're likely to encounter at least one person displaying their grooming habits during a subway ride. But for the very busy Yokarina Duarte, community liaison for New York City Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, her journey begins - above ground.

I am Ivan (most of the time) (full length version)

I am Ivan (most of the time) (full length version) features Ivan Perez of Washington Heights: counselor by day, drag queen at night. 
This longer version explores the transformation of Ivan and includes a lengthier interview with Ivan/Madison Banks, who talks about what it feels like to perform in drag and the challenges of dressing up as a woman in performance. This version also includes dynamic footage of Ivan in performance.
Performance footage shot at Mamajuana Dyckman in New York City as part of TGIM Happy Hour on Monday nights.

Postcard from Staten Island: Hurricane Sandy (originally posted on November 19, 2012)

It's about time: Rita Rosenthal

What keeps 102-year-old Rita Rosenthal going? Or as one uptown restaurant owner gently gently inquires on-camera, "What does she eat?!"

You'll have to watch this latest episode of It's about time: Conversations with New Yorkers about time to find out the secret of longevity for this Washington Heights resident.

How do you like your eggs?

How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning? takes a look at the G's or Gus's Luncheonette in the upper Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood. It takes its name after the previous owner who is Greek and has been owned by Candido Angel, an immigrant from Mexico, since 2001.

This neighborhood institution prepares more than 3,000 cups a coffee a week. Angel and his employees work as a team and even the neighborhood men get involved in helping him opening his store in the mornings. So - how do you like YOUR eggs?

The video is an offshoot of We are Inwood and is inspired by a song made famous by Dean Martin. This version is available on iTunes and is orchestrated by a company called Pro Choice Karaoke, the only instrumental of this song that could be found. Great version!


A Conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda

A Conversation with Lin-Manuel Miranda featuring a cast from Inwood showcases Lin-Manuel's love of his upper Manhattan neighborhood. Raised and still living in Inwood, Lin-Manuel talks about growing up in a house on Payson Avenue, his subway commute uptown and downtown, and how the neighborhood has inspired him.

The Inwood community includes Jason Minter of Indian Road Cafe, Manuel Ramirez of Dichter Pharmacy and Soda Shoppe, actresses Oona Higgins and Carly Ayala, Franchesca of Mr. Nice Guy burger truck, fashion designer JuanKey Miranda (no relation to Lin-Manuel), Dorka and her client Scarlett from Dorka's Unisex Salon, Rob Kleinbardt of New Heights Realty, and Corona and Barry Waldrop.

The music selected is a nod to Lin-Manuel's wedding video; He surprised his wife, Vanessa, with a performance featuring their families using the same song.

A Conversation with. . .is an offshoot of a larger project, We are Inwood.

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Meet the folks at Bizcochos de Colores, a family owned business on Sherman Avenue between 207 and Isham in Inwood.

Delicious fruit filled cakes, tres leches, flan, cheesecake, danish, and other sweet treats along with coffee, chinola, and more. Custom cakes and party favors are also on the menu. Two dollars for a piece of pineapple layer cake!

Stop in and say hello to the creative (and former Inwood Little Leaguer) Jonathan Lebron and his friendly crew. All baked goods are baked and decorated on the premises. The store is a little hidden under building scaffolding on the east side of the street.


If it's not one thing, it's another: 25 Uses for Inwood's Potted Traffic Signs

Sing out, Roo! 
Roosevelt Credit
Bass/baritone and songwriter Roosevelt Credit rehearses on West 204th Street.

One Trombone on 204th Street 
(the other 75 are stuck in traffic on Dyckman Street)
with Monique Buzzarte
famed trombonist and composer

76 Trombones  - from The Music Man

Sign on Sign on Cumming Street

Music to our Ears

Katherine Hannauer and Blue on Dyckman Street

Yoga with Nancy Preston

Something's Cumming Up