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Keeping the Faith: Meet the Romaniotes!

Every gift helps tell the story of the Romaniotes in my documentary, Keeping the Faith: Meet the Romaniotes! Help support a project that preserves Greek history and culture - and NYC history. So - what's better? Babka or baklava? Come along on a journey that preserves Greek history by supporting a film that answers this pressing question and takes a look into the little known world of the Romaniotes. Keeping the Faith: Meet the Romaniotes! brings you into a community that includes my grandmother and her ancestors from Janina (modern day Ioannina) and how they managed to survive over the past 2,300 years. Romaniotes are Greek Jews that have struggled to hang on since the time of Alexander the Great. They’re considered the oldest Jewish community in Europe and thrived in Greece until the Holocaust decimated the community and eradicated much of their legacy. Like so many other immigrants, they sought refuge and a chance at a better life here in the US. Romaniotes established a synago

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