Living in Upstate Manhattan: Inwood

Arlene Schulman

My small part of Northern Manhattan is continually evolving and I encourage our neighbors to patronize our local businesses. Searching for an unusual gift for the hard-to-find friend or relative? Stop in and say hello to Guy and Lela at Scavengers, an antique store on 218th Street right off the park which is chock full of great goodies. One of our neighbors raves about Busch Electronics on Broadway between Dyckman and Academy (across from the supermarket) where she purchased air conditioners and had one cleaned, a television and a DVD/VCR. The owners of this small store will trot up to your apartment to carefully measure and install your new air conditioner. If you pay in advance at Kleener King on Dyckman Street, your dry cleaning is discounted. And if you need fast turnaround, they can easily handle this for you, too. Our local C-town at Broadway and 207th Street takes special requests and the management is keeps the store in touch with what people want, including a selection of organic foods.

Instead of traveling downtown, there’s a wonderful variety of restaurants in our neighborhood, from Piper’s Kilt to our favorite Dominican restaurant, International House, on Dyckman Street where the buffet is overwhelming delicious. New venues include the The Garden Cafe, Grandpa’s Pizza which is expanding soon and the Park Terrace Bistro. We have a variety of choices, from fast food like McDonald’s and Subway to Italian, Moroccan, Hispanic, Mexican, Chinese, Columbian, to burgers, sandwiches, pizza, fried chicken and donuts. I f you don’t patronize our local businesses, then they will disappear.

We salute the Manhattan Times. If copies aren’t delivered to your building, they are available in our local library. The Manhattan Times and the bulletin board and the New York Public Library on Broadway are great resources for community events and businesses.

And on this note, we remind everyone to get involved in our community. Attend community meetings, call or write your elected officials, organize an event, gather signature for petitions for issues that warrant attention. Your voice and your vote counts. If our elected officials do not hear from you, then you are invisible to them. If you don’t know who your elected officials are, shame on you! When in doubt, there’s always Google.

As a reminder, for any emergencies, including fire, drug sales, a possible burglary or robbery - dial 911 immediately. Operators at 311 are available 24 hours a day. For non-emergency issues such as noise complaints or if you need to reach a city agency, don’t forget to use this number as a resource.

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