Arlene's 13 Point Writing Manifesto

  1. The time to write is NOW.

  2. Write every day.

  3. Only cooking utensils belong in the kitchen drawer - not your writing.

  4. Take a pen and notebook with you or use a PDA to write down your thoughts, ideas or observations. You never know when a creative thought will come to you.

  5. Read. Watch films. Listen to music.

  6. You never know what may inspire you so leave yourself open.

  7. Don't make excuses for not finding the time.

  8. It's okay to make mistakes.

  9. Write about subjects that inspire you.

  10. Banish cynicism and negativity.

  11. Be encouraging to others. You never know when you may need their support.

  12. Use your five senses - and your sixth - to find your voice.

  13. A little humility goes a long way - and so does humor!


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