The Tides of Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer's view of the world shifted and changed, as unpredictable as tides and light in Provincetown, much like the scenery from the deck of his home when he stepped down from the altar of his office in the attic. Tides come in and out, sometimes violently, sometimes gently, and reveal patterns of water and sand, and then they begin again.

The Tides of Norman Mailer reveals a tiny portion of the landscape of Provincetown, where I stood with my camera and watched the tides and the light, much like he and his wife, Norris, must have. When the tide comes in, you feel like you're floating in the middle of the Bay. And when it retreats, sunlight and moonlight on the water brings you to another place entirely. You can watch forever.

A note about the video: Quotes of Norman Mailer's were added to offer a sense of breadth of his work and personality. There's only so much one can absorb in three minutes so, dear reader, this is a minuscule molecule of who he was. In terms of music, I see Mailer as more brass than woodwinds so music was selected to add a sense of anticipation and to underscore the strength of his personality. You'll notice a few sea gulls; they are wonderful actors to work with and responded on cue. Enjoy.


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