Inwood's Second Annual Three Kings Day Parade

There were sheep, camels, a donkey named Ted, the I.S. 52 marching band, toys, one restaurant, three kings, one senator, grilled cheese sandwiches, one small bridge, and a suggestion by one local (cough) to add a queen to the Three Kings Day festivities next year. Why not? We're uptown, where you get to write your own story.

Landon plotting his great escape to a rent stabilized apartment on Dyckman Street

Due to the rain, the parade was moved indoors to La Marina. The very photogenic four-legged creatures remained outdoors and gamely posed for photos in front of the George Washington Bridge. I was reunited with Landon the sheep who stars on my iPhone screensaver, a friendly face from our walk together from one end of Dyckman to the other in last year's parade. His sheepish companion, Nikki, was agreeable to posing with two of my woolen scarves.

This was the closest most of us - adults and kids alike - have been to sheep, camels, and Ted this year. They traveled all the way from an upstate sanctuary to La Marina. The crowd received toys (the kids only), lunch, several musical selections from the band which gets better every year, an opportunity to meet Senator Adriano Espaillat, visit a local restaurant, have their faces painted, and best of all, meet and greet the animals. The camels were a little snippy, Ted seemed a bit aloof, and the sheep seemed ready to follow anyone and huddled together for warmth at the end of the event.

Senator Adriano Espaillat and friends

Dromedary ready for his closeup

Looking natty!

Before he started nibbling on my bag. . .

Two kings (Fernando Mateo, Adriano Espaillat), a flock of sheep and a disco king

Well, someone had to do it.


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