Arlene Schulman: The First 100 Years - Photographs

A selection of images from the exhibit, 
Arlene Schulman: The First 100 Years.

Arlene Schulman started photographing the people of New York City when she was an eight year old living in Brooklyn. Using an Agfa 35mm camera handed down to her by her father who taught her how to shoot, develop, and print black and white film, she acquired her sharp eye for detail and an uncanny ability to demolish the wall between subject and camera to reveal the truth of who we are.

Ms. Schulman’s extraordinary body of work—immortalized in books of majestic photographs and in films and photographic essays—illuminates facets of New York City that the majority of us never see: gritty city living, boxing gyms, baseball dugouts, police officers on the beat. Capturing the heroes, colleagues, and neighbors among us in gritty, straightforward, large format images that celebrate and ennoble the human condition, Ms. Schulman brings her life’s work together for the very first time. 

“Arlene Schulman: The First 100 Years” is a unique vision of life in New York City as she has lived it and a foreshadowing of what she—and we—may see during the next “100.”

Reception sponsored by Schnipper's Quality Kitchen and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

Empty space transformed to...

a cast of characters, from boxing to baseball to 

the New York City Police Department

Rome Boxing Club, Bronx, NY

A series of women, including my great-aunt Esther Nachman

and my grandmother Anna David and Queen, a woman from Harlem

From the book, Cop on the Beat, featuring Steve Mayfield of the NYPD's 34th Precinct

A detective from the 23rd Precinct as he was leaving the scene of a DOA in the  housing projects

From Cop on the Beat

Bird along the Seine

The Prizefighter and one of world champion Roberto Duran's hands (Una Mano de Piedra)

Two important guests, Cynthia Wellins and her husband, Gil

Yankees clubhouse man Pete Sheehy looking over the shoulders of his daughter and grandson

Two famous opera singers Pamela Lloyd and Andrew Costello chat with Steve Mayfield

Food courtesy of Schnipper's

Steve Mayfield

World champions Azumah Nelson and Hector Camacho

From 23rd Precinct: The Job and the NYPD's Steve Bonano

A cop and his friend and world champion Archie Moore

The view from the hallway


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