Podcast: Pastrami a go-go: An Interview with Author Anthony Tucker

Welcome to the second episode of Pastrami a go-go and other rye tales of the city! This latest episode features Anthony Tucker of the Bronx, who talks about his path to teaching and writing and his latest children's book, Tied In. Illustrated by Charlene Mosley.
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 Sara Chapman talks about the importance of wearing a tie. She's the Director of the Education and Career Services Department at the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation in Washington Heights. 'Ties are such an antiquated piece of clothing. It's really interesting that it's still something that we hang on to. It's one of the few ways I think that men can express themselves at work because otherwise they just have the standard suits and they don't vary all that much," she says. " It's not just a piece of clothing that's in our professional world. It's a way that men are able to identify themselves and express themselves as unique individuals in the professional world.. . . . Even something as simple as a tie can have a huge impact on a young adult.'


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