Booming, from Pastrami a go-go and other rye tales of the city

I read the comments on social media posts relating to a New York Times story in the Real Estate section about living in a rent stabilized apartment.
So many of the thousands of comments were, you'll see. I not only read them but I responded to many first as a way of saying thank you to those who complimented my decor. Then I began clarifying by providing links to information about rent regulation. And then I tackled some of the trolls.
Some of the comments were so outrageous that they required a performance version. And here we go, thanks to the brilliant Frank Coleman and Elisa DeCarlo. Eight and a half minutes of hilarity ensues.
Shot on Apple iPhones, edited in Final Cut Pro, written and edited by me along with comments from a wide audience.
Here's one of the Facebook posts that includes calling on Dr. Ruth, the lameness of commenting about one's weight, and thanking those who really got the story and got me.
A gift link to the New York Times story is here:
Keep booming!
P.S. The comments have been turned off on YouTube. I need a break.


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