It's about time.

Announcing the launch of the ongoing video series

It’s about time. Conversations with New Yorkers about time.

Time passes quickly, doesn’t it?

I’ve made an attempt to capture it on film. In a captivating series of documentary interviews, New Yorkers face the camera to talk about how time has passed in their lives. In these conversations, they share insights and anecdotes that range from philosophical to poetic, humorous to bittersweet, prophetic and wise. 

You'll meet a cross-section of people and personalities, including my first subject, veteran New Yorker Stephanie Arcelan actress, fashion executive and the wife of famed boxing trainer Ray Arcel, who discusses her love for life, poetry, and her late husband.

Upcoming interviews include:

Boxing trainer Artemio Colon talks about his love of boxing and how quickly time passes;

Poet and playwright Anita Velez-Mitchell reveals how she watched time pass as a young girl and what it feels like to be shot out of a cannon;

Writer Malachy McCourt notes how slowly time passed while growing up in poverty in Ireland, and how time has changed him.

I hope you have a good time and thank you for watching. 


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