Exclusive: Godzilla Meets Uptown

While his movie is number one at the box office, Godzilla took  a mini-vacation and decided to visit uptown. A quiet, gentle soul who writes poetry, does Pilates, and enjoys yogurt and the splendors of Inwood Hill Park, he remarked that he's a simple man at heart, just waiting for his movie to get to cable. His tour of uptown included Inwood Hill Park, Dyckman Street, and the George Washington Bridge, all done without the company of the ever-present Hollywood publicist. After he gets to know you, he prefers to be called Melvin, an Americanized version of the Japanese name. He charmed customers of Nail Ha'ven, where Daniel Joyce meticulously groomed this movie star and patrons of Papasito, who pretended not to notice this monster in their midst. A visit to Il Dolce Vida was a real treat and Melvin plans to return for the Nutella fro-yo. He bids us sayonara (he speaks seven languages) until the next time as he works on his poetry in solitude.

Godzilla, also known as Melvin, emerges from the Pod on Dyckman Street.

A visit to Il Dolce Vida on Broadway is a little messy but very tasty.

"Look at how great my nails look!," notes Godzilla after a day of pampering at Nail H'aven on Broadway.

Taming the beast with a rainbow drink al fresco at Papasito.

Our man heads on over to La Marina.

Godzilla learned his sky-hook from former Inwood resident Kareem Adbul Jabbar at the Dyckman Courts. 

Sometimes a man needs some time for contemplation.

Godzilla about to take a bite out of Columbia University's C rock. 

Godzilla on the move in Inwood Hill Park.

Such a sensitive soul. Who knew? Melvin says he missed poetry Saturdays at Manny's Soda Shoppe so settled for a mint chip ice cream soda. Says he working on a series of sonnets.

Some manscaping done: Eyebrows waxed at Nail H'aven, thanks to the meticulous work of Daniel Joyce.

Nails getting a little long there.

A bright red works well for the NYC male.

The toenails were getting a little long in the tooth. 

Getting around town.

Blending in - Inwood Hill Park.

A reflective composition. 

Every beast is in need of a shower once in a while. 

What a beast! Our man poses for the camera in Highbridge Park.

Melvin meets the High Bridge Tower. They're about the same height.

"They'll never find me," says Godzilla.

And the only thing bigger than the NJ Governor Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal.

No monsters were harmed in the creation of these photos. Special thanks to my Inwood neighbors who joined in the fun: Manuel Ramirez of Dichter Pharmacy & Soda Shoppe, Eddie Santos of Papasito, Iliya Masseralla and Antonio Fernandez of Il Dolce Vida frozen yogurt shop and more, Martin Collins, Daniel and Hannah Joyce of Nail Ha'ven (Daniel only works on plastic animals, by the way); and the New York City Police Department and the New York City Parks Department (both inadvertently). Godzilla promises a visit to Coogan's next time around.


Jason Schulman said…
He's Japanese, right? Are we sure he's here legally? I'd love to see ICE try to deport him...

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